I'm currently the In-house Designer at Wildscreen, a charity working globally to promote an appreciation of biodiversity and nature through the power of wildlife imagery.

I work across all of Wildscreen's initiatives, including ARKive, WildPhotos, the Wildscreen Festival and WildFilmHistory. Among my responsibilities are:ARKive

  • Evolving and refining the graphic identity of the organisation and the individual initiatives
  • Creating a unique identity for each event, for example WildPhotos each year
  • Designing all promotional items, including booklets, flyers, banners, postcards, etc
  • Designing all new features on the ARKive website
  • Designing and creating the Wildscreen and WildPhotos websites
  • Creating artwork for campaigns and events (right)



I have been taking photos for a number of years, experimenting in a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to portraits, and from animals to still-life. I have done freelance pet photography and sold prints of my other work online. The old photography section of my website has a small collection of examples, but I haven't got around to making that page match this sparkly new one yet! Watch this space...
Photo examples


In 2008 I graduated from the University of the West of England (UWE) with a First Class Honours Degree in Media Practice. This involved producing media for film, television, radio and the internet.10 Seconds

My final piece, "In 10 Seconds" was a horror/thriller narrative, introduced with a film, expanded upon with a website based in the same fictional reality, and finally concluded with a location-based interactive experience created using the Mediascape technology created by HP in Bristol. On the film, I acted as producer, writer and director, and the website and Mediascape were created wholly by myself.

During the course, I also worked on various other films in different roles:

  • TV Love - Director of Photography / Editor
  • Sightings - Script Advisor / Post-Production Effects
  • Cotton Wool - Lighting / Camera Operator
  • A View From Within - Post-Production Effects
  • It's Not Easy Being Imaginary - Script Advisor / Editor

Games Designer

I've always had a passion for video games (I spend more than enough time playing them!) and from time to time, this passion spills over into a random burst of creativity. My ideal job is to one day be involved in the industry.

At the age of 7 or 8, I was playing around in software such as "Build Your Own Computer Games", where I created masterpieces with titles like Shark Attack and Bouncer. More recently (but not that recently) I dabbled in "Adventure Game Studio", creating games inspired by old favourites like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.

At university, where I studied Media Practice (see filmmaker), I got the chance to create a number of smaller projects, and also specialise in interactivity during my second year. Here are some of the projects I worked on:

  • In 10 Seconds - Producer / Writer / Designer / Sound / Coder (HTML / Actionscript / Mscape)
    A website and locative Mediascape using GPS tracking to continue the narrative of the film '10 Seconds'

  • Space Invaders 4D - Co-Producer / Coder (pureData)
    An immersive interactive installation using motion tracking, wireless controllers and projected stereoscopic images

  • Fairy Tale Madness - Co-Writer / Co-Director / Coder (Director MX)
    An interactive fairy tale which shows what would happen when characters enter the wrong stories

  • Virus - Solo Project
    A first-person adventure game in which the player must solve numerous puzzles to cure themselves of a deadly virus
Photo examples ARKive's Most Wanted In 10 Seconds